Microsoft Stream Platform


This Policy for the Use of the "Microsoft Stream" Platform is applicable to all employees of the companies that make up the CPS Group, as well as to any collaborator who accesses the Platform through a link provided by staff of the CPS Group.

Acceptance of this Policy implies agreeing with all its content and accepting the conditions and terms of use established therein.


The purpose of this Policy is to ensure and guarantee the protection and image rights of the CPS Group's workforce, as well as to safeguard the rights of intellectual and industrial property and know-how of the content published on the Platform.


The CPS Group reserves all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the audiovisual content published on the Platform. Among others: images, recordings, texts, graphics, know-how, Images, design and the intellectual property rights that may derive from the content collected on the website, as well as trademarks, trade names or any other distinctive sign, are the property of the CPS Group or their legitimate owners, all rights over them being reserved. .

The audiovisual content uploaded in this Platform will be understood as property of the CPS Group companies or their legitimate owners, and the unauthorized dissemination or use of the information contained therein is prohibited.

The improper use of the content of this Platform and its reproduction, disclosure or dissemination without authorization, will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.


People who access the Platform will make diligent use of it, in accordance with the policies and principles of the CPS Group as well as its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The publication of recordings or dump of images must be authorized by CPS Prestación de Servicios Operativos, SL, being at its discretion the access, deletion or publication of the different contents.

Only audiovisual content related to the normal activity of CPS Group companies will be published, following the principles of limitation and proportionality in the processing of personal data and confidential information.

In the same way, it is strictly forbidden to take screenshots both in image, video and / or audio of the content uploaded on the Platform, being able to adopt the appropriate disciplinary measures in case of non-compliance.


The information and content published on the Platform must be treated confidentially and will be kept under professional secrecy, in accordance with the following:

  1. Do not apply or use the personal data or confidential information to which you have access, for purposes other than the development of your functions, nor assign, disclose or make them known, not even for their conservation to other people or entities.
  2. Keep professional secrecy of the dumped content, not being able to keep said data or information in any type of copy or support other than the Platform, except for authorized personnel.
  3. Comply with the technical and organizational security measures and standards established by the CPS Group and act diligently to maintain the secrecy and security of personal data and confidential information, in order to avoid their alteration, treatment or unauthorized access.
  4. Use the recording exclusively for internal dissemination, without access by third parties outside the CPS Group companies, unless expressly authorized.

Failure to comply with the obligation of confidentiality and professional secrecy may lead to the adoption of disciplinary measures.

The obligations set forth above will remain even after the end of the employment relationship with the companies of the CPS Group,


The person organizing the recording or the publication of the audiovisual content must:

1. Include both in the call for the meeting or recording and in a comment posted during it, the following text:

This session will be recorded and stored by CPS. Everyone who attends the session gives their consent for CPS to record it. The conditions for displaying content through Microsoft Stream consist of: No attendee except the convener of the session (or the person designated for it) may record the content. You will not be able to take screenshots or image or video or audio during the session.

2. In the event that training (both internal and external) is to be given and recorded, the organizing person must obtain the signed authorization of the person or persons who are going to exhibit or appear in the recording. The document is available at .


The CPS Group and the companies that comprise it undertake to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures to safeguard the audiovisual content and personal data posted on the Platform. In this sense, it undertakes to:

  • not to disseminate the recording obtained, or reproduce it for purposes other than those described above.
  • store the recording for the legally established time.
  • not to publish the recording to third parties unrelated to the CPS Group workforce who require access to it due to professional criteria.
  • that the data is processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.
  • carry out the technical and organizational measures necessary to restrict access to the recording, applying the criteria of limitation and minimization of treatment.