His Majesty King Felipe VI knows closely the static exposure of the Fulmar Delta.

His Majesty El Rey visited the Matacán School Group where he had the opportunity to meet the RPAS simulators

Don Felipe VI has visited the Matacán School Group where the UAS Military School is integrated, in charge of imparting the training of Unmanned Air Systems Operator. Said School is endowed with a system Fulmar Delta for the instruction of the practical phase to the DUO operators (Designated Unmanned Operator) of the Armies and Civil Guard.

He also had the opportunity to visit the RPAS simulators with the peculiarity of being able to perform synthetic flights and practice emergencies of the Fulmar system.

During the visit he was accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (JEMA), General of the Air, Javier Salto Martínez-Avial, Colonel Chief of the Matacán Air Base Carlos María Bernardo Anaya and Commander Luis Miguel Sandoval Alvares.

The UAS Military School has had the Fulmar Delta system since the end of 2019. During 2020, 7 members were trained, who successfully passed said training, being fully operational to provide practical training within the Air Force curriculum. .

Fulmar Delta

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