SISTEM has obtained the Certificate of Conformity with the National Security Scheme

The certificate endorses our services and grants peace of mind and confidence to our clients in the field of information security.

During the month of August, AENOR has issued the certificate certifying compliance with SISTEM with the medium level the new National Security Scheme (ENS), being one of the first entities to obtain it under the new Royal Decree issued in May 2022.

The ENS is a set of principles and minimum requirements that guarantee a adequate protection of services, systems, data and communications, whose degree of rigor and compliance varies depending on the criticality of the assets and information systems analyzed. This certificate endorses our services otgiving our clients peace of mind and confidence in the field of security of the information.

This important milestone culminates a very ambitious goal, which in recent years has required a very significant effort on the part of many areas of the organization and a great teamwork. The areas that have been most directly involved in achieving this objective are Cybersecurity, Management Systems and Information Systems, although there have been others without whose participation it would have been impossible, such as HR, Facilities and Legal Advice. We cannot forget either the great involvement and professionalism that our specialized consultant, CAELUM, has had in this process.

Even if the certificate is SISTEMthe measures have been taken at the corporate level and make the CPS Group as a whole a safer company in this ambit.

From now on we have a great path of continuous improvement ahead in which we hope to achieve full and tailored implementation of the requirements and reach the next milestone stronger than ever. For this, the collaboration of all of us who make up the CPS Group is necessary, who must comply with security regulations, report possible incidents in a timely manner and respect the policies and procedures that are published in the field of Safety of information.