The PLATINUM Project will promote the creation of an extraordinary Horizontal Platform of Smart Data and Deep Learning for our industry.

SISTEM representatives visited the extraordinary facilities that the Sonae Arauco company has in Valladolid, and thus analyze its industrial processes and continue with the design of the project platform.

SISTEM, Sonae Arauco, GTIA and BISITE form the consortium that will develop the PLATINUM project, with the file number RTC-2017-6401-7 of the call RETOS DE COLABORACIÓN 2017.

PLATINUM It consists of the development of a benchmark software architecture at the service of the connected industry, which allows providing new capabilities for process optimization, predictive maintenance and security, integrating all the relevant information generated by existing systems, incorporating new sources of information resulting from the digital society, and ensuring future compatibility with new sources of information, solutions and IoT devices that can be implemented.

The platform will integrate new algorithms of IA and information fusion models, which will allow the processing of large volumes of data, the extraction of relevant information (Smart Data) from both industrial resources and external sources (ERP, CMMS, databases, workers, suppliers and customers) , SCADA, Internet of Things, social networks ... etc). A learning model based on the accuracy of the proposed responses (DRL) and the deployment of new services will be incorporated, aligned with the Industry 4.0 model.