Fulmar family

Presentation to the general public of our UAS, the FULMAR family (FULMARView and FULMARDelta)

Last May 12, during the program 'Horizon' , with the presence of Borja Comino as CEO of WAKE, our family of Fulmar UAS was shown to the general public for the first time: Fulmar View and Fulmar Delta, the "prodigious drone" or "unmanned aircraft", as the presenter Iker described it Jimenez.

Iker Jiménez stressed that “this “unmanned aircraft” is Spanish technology and it is the perfect spy, it could detect a license plate a kilometer away”.

During his speech, Borja indicated the multiple civil applications that a UAS of these characteristics can address, he also indicated that the Spanish Armed Forces have been offered to send this UAS as support to Ukraine, since "it could contribute intelligence tasks ”. In addition to detailing that their capabilities are "reconnaissance and surveillance in border areas." He explained that it is an aircraft with a range of between 8 and 10 hours, which can reach 300 or 400 meters in height, with great ease to take off and use.

During the program it was also highlighted that in full flight, the WAKE UAS "can perfectly identify a person flying at 200 or 300 meters, at more undetectable heights, where they do not hear you, with a total perspective of what is happening " .

Finally, the program also drew attention to the pneumatic launch system, the need for a qualified pilot and a payload operator in charge of the images. In less than an hour it takes off in the air, "in any area, without the need for infrastructure to take off or land."

Fulmar View