FLUX Advanced Mobility

SISTEM solutions help municipalities to optimize advanced urban mobility

About us SISTEM, belonging to the CPS Group, offers solutions that allow municipal managers to know the status of mobility in real time and predict potential incidents. These solutions are based on the integration of various components, data sources and the use of the open software platform. FLUX Mobility with tools based on big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

FLUX Advanced Mobility

SYSTEM, belonging to the CPS Group, it offers advanced mobility solutions for cities.

All the  urban mobility solutions advanced of SISTEM facilitate the design of mobility plans according to the real needs of each city and the possibility of offering citizens better services, more effective, safe, respectful of the environment. the environment and sustainable.

They contemplate journeys on foot, by private vehicle and through the different means of public transport, measuring the levels of travel, travel times, most common routes by dates and time slots, and levels of demand for public transport at each stop or station. .

Each solution is adapted to the conditions and needs of each city, analyzing mobility according to the most common routes and the most visited points of interest, such as entrances and exits of the municipality, train and bus stations, airports, ports, hospitals, centers educational and cultural, sports centers, pedestrian areas, shopping centers, universities or the town hall itself.

Other components of a smart city

In addition to measuring mobility, SISTEM They also offer tools to facilitate compliance with Low Emission Zones (ZBE) through access controls to the urban center according to the characteristics of the vehicles, measures to favor the use of municipal car parks, as well as measurement of levels of capacity, noise and contamination at critical points.

Solutions SISTEM they measure the demand for public transport and traffic levels between zones, among other things.

These solutions are supported by the platform FLUX Mobility SW, open and based on the Fiware standard, which complies with the UNE178104: 2017 standard of Smart cities. With its evolution towards the platform ATHENA City SW not only contributes to the field of mobility, but can also integrate other components of a smart citysuch as recharging electric vehicles, smart irrigation management, public lighting and waste; security, capacity control, tourist services or beach control.