The General Secretary for Innovation visits our headquarters in Tecnogetafe

Our main headquarters located in the Tecnogetafe technology park has an area of ​​11.500 m². The building is a benchmark for bioclimatic architecture in the Community of Madrid in terms of accessibility, sustainability and eco-efficiency, generating and consuming geothermal, photovoltaic and photothermal energy.

The objective of this meeting with the Secretary and the rest of the authorities has been none other than show development and innovation capacities within the framework of sustainability and caring for the environment of the different technology companies that make up the CPS Group (SISTEM, WAKE, PSI, CP and Hormiebro) in the sectors Railway, Traffic, Security, Telecommunications, Defense and Smart Infrastructures (SMART); and wake like UAS designer and manufacturer. Capacities that have been shown with the Fulmar UAS family and all the necessary elements for its operation both on land and on board.

To the visit of the Headquarters of the CPS Group have attended, along with the General Secretary for Innovation, Mrs. Teresa Risk, the Head of the Department of Large Facilities and Dual Programs of CDTI, Mr. José María Pérez, the President of the CPS Group, Mr. Cándido Comino key chains, the Director of Corporate Development and Talent Management of the CPS Group – Mrs. Virginia Comino Martínez and the Director of Business Strategy of the CPS Group – Mr. Borja Comino Martinez among others.

In the words of the General Secretary for Innovation, Ms. Teresa Risk, "The CPS Group has a growth strategy based on innovation and technological development that shows the power of these tools for the consolidation of companies. Medium-sized companies with high technological qualifications in Spain are an example of the country's potential and the CPS Group shows it. From the Ministry of Science and Innovation and in particular from the CDTI we are helping to launch projects and public purchases for the development and demonstration of highly advanced technological products”.

"Since our beginnings, we have been committed to innovation, since we believe that the future of our group of companies, and of our country, lies in it. We have technological products, designed and manufactured in Spain that compete worldwide, and our commitment is to continue providing value, innovation and the future.", declares D. borja cumin, Director of Business Strategy of the CPS Group.

CPS Group, committed to the Green New Deal (European Green Pact)

From the CPS Group We fully agree with the innovation policies that the Government of Spain is promoting towards national development that enhances our technological and energy self-sufficiency, something essential for the future of our country.

At CPS Group We have spent years immersed in a development plan that fits perfectly with the new European Green New Deal, our business is developed in the new mobility, the digital transformation, the energy transition and the new development opportunities of telecommunications.