Port of Huelva

The Huelva Port Authority awards SISTEM the development of a platform for the digitization of port infrastructures and processes

This system will facilitate the management of port infrastructures and the communication of the APH and the entire port logistics community, improving the competitiveness of the Port of Huelva

With the project for the development of the Pthe Infrastructure and Processes Digitization Platform of the Port of Huelva, APH y SISTEMThey aim to achieve a more efficient, safe, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and more competitive port to achieve new businesses and increase current ones.

La President of the Huelva Port Authority, Pilar Miranda, highlighted that in the field of the digital transformation strategy in which the Port of Huelva is immersed, this project represents a great advance, since it contemplates the digitization of all port processes, which will facilitate communication of the APH and the entire port logistics community. Likewise, this system will improve the analytical capabilities of the processes, allowing the generation of predictive models that anticipate events and generating greater certainty in decision-making.

In turn, the general director of SISTEMJuan Francisco Ruiz, has stated that for the CPS Group, and more specifically for SISTEM, this project has a great strategic value; For this reason, it has opted for the creation of a Development Center located in Huelva in order to guarantee the greatest success of this project, supporting the Port of Huelva in its commitment to positioning itself as a management reference model within the port sector. "This Development Center will be the germ of our future Software Factory in Huelva, and will be at the same time a lever for the generation of qualified local employment".

The project is aligned with the Strategic Plan of the Port of Huelva to advance in the provision of intermodality services to transport logistics chains through the management of infrastructures, land and other resources, since will allow the APH to become a benchmark on the concept of Smart Port, Port 4.0, within the framework of port-city integration and committed to its technological future.

In this process, SISTEM provides its ATHENA platform, developed on open source and the standard FIWARE, which will maximize analytical capabilities and facilitate decision-making through greater knowledge and the consequences of each of the port activities with their entire environment (eg environmental, security, mobility).

The objective of this platform, pioneer in the port environment, will be the creation of a PMS and PCS system on an open IoT platform, based on Fiware, open system supported by the European Union itself. This system endorses the trend on the creation of open digitalization ecosystems that guarantee future evolution and allow interoperability with other environments in a simple way.

The planned investment exceeds 2,2 million euros for a total period of 5 years, although the platform will be operational in a first phase within 7 months.



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