Integration of tactical UAS in small vessels


The challenge: Get a system with centimeter precision and that fits into the little space available, to launch and recover a small type UAS on small vessels length.

For this the Wake R&D team, in a record time of 1 year, achieved a robust solution that allows the fully automatic pickup of the Fulmar Delta in short vessels and in full navigation. For this he developed:

  • Un control system strong adjusted for relative boat movements.
  • Un collection system very new I know automatically deploys with the moving ship.
  • Un Instrumental Landing System to support control systems
  • Un gyro stabilized and redundant aiming system to guarantee the maximum precision and quality of positioning signals both inertial and satellite navigation.

The result: A system that can be operated with strong winds and Mar 4 states, allowing the entry of Fulmar Delta with angles of up to 45º in relation to the longitudinal axis in small vessels.

To achieve this milestone, the team of Wake carried out tests in different phases, first on land using a moving truck, in a second phase these tests were carried out on a towed barge and finally the leap was made to make the flights in different ships, obtaining a final product whose installation was carried out in less than 1 day per system / vessel.