INSTER participates in the meeting Fly News Industry Defense Spain 2019

The defense in Europe lives one of its most decisive moments. For the first time since its founding, the European Union has gone from being a mere regulator to a funder, a stratospheric leap to which both governments and national industries must adapt. What is the situation of Spain in this new European framework?

Un The tsunami has shaken the foundations of the European defense industry. The European Union has decided that the defense is an integrating element of "Europe" and it has gone from being a mere regulator to a funder. To this we must add that the great defense programs are coming to an end, and new gigantic projects are being launched, with strong economic and technological implications.

With this scenario, Fly News once again brought together the protagonists of the defense aerospace industry in Spain, including INSTER, to test the health of the sector at a decisive moment at European level, in the FIDAMC facilities at TecnoGetafe.

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