Inster, partner company of the next AESMIDE forum

INSTER will be present as a collaborating company in the next edition of the forum of AESMIDE “35 years of collaboration Administration and Company” which is celebrated on the occasion of its 35 anniversary. The forum aims to value the evolution of the Administration, Industry and Public-Private Collaboration, both in the field of the Armed Forces and Security, as in the rest of the Public Administration.

During the forum (attached program)Two conferences and a round table will be held, where experiences will be contrasted and exchanged opinions on the new paradigm of public-private collaboration that will help to understand a different way of managing the collective.

The event will take place next November 27th on the ground and upper floor of the Auditorium of the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

Thanking you for your availability to attend this initiative, we would like you to join us that day. For it you can register by clicking HERE.