Grupo CPS signs its incorporation to Ellas Vuelan Alto

Cándido Comino Chavarrías, President of the CPS Group, and Teresa Busto, president of Ellas Vuelan Alto, signed the official adhesion document to Ellas Vuelan Alto.

Madrid November 15, 2019. CPS, a group of companies with 100% Spanish capital and present in activities of high technological value, formalized its official incorporation into Ellas Vuelan Alto, an association of women in the aerospace sector.

President of the Group, Cándido Comino Chavarrías, signed the official adhesion document together with Teresa Busto, president of Ellas Vuelan Alto, at the end of the event that EVA held yesterday about the future of the space industry in Spain.

CPS Group is integrated by the companies SISTEM, INSTER and WAKE, and from its origins it has developed activities related to high technology, with a strong investment in R & D & I.

The group has been supporting the Ellas Vuelan Alto association since its inception, reflecting its commitment to diversity. En  2018 the CPS Group implemented its Equality Plan whose mission is to identify and enhance the talent of the workforce by integrating the gender perspective, through a series of measures aimed at facilitating their professional development and eliminating difficulties and barriers in reconciling work, family and personal life.

Cándido Comino Chavarrías, president of the CPS Group, said during the signing of adhesion to Ellas Vuelan Alto that: “From the CPS Group (SISTEM, INSTER and WAKE), immersed in major aeronautical projects, we will continue betting and collaborating with Ellas Vuelan Alto, for the increase of the much-needed presence of women in each of our projects. ”

Meanwhile Teresa Busto, president of Ellas Vuelan Alto, expressed her gratitude to the CPS Group for supporting the association. "The commitment of the managers of a company is decisive to achieve the objectives of equality and diversity. I thank Cándido Comino Chavarrías for his support of EVA, which shows that the company takes the professional development of its employees seriously, in line with the objectives of Ellas Fly High”, Said the president of EVA.

Above They Fly High

EVA is an association formed by professionals from the aerospace sector in order to promote equality and give women a voice. Our mission is to act for the consolidation of the visibility of women in the aerospace sector in Spain, covering the political, university, business and Administration fields, based on the vision of equality of the United Nations Magna Carta.