Fulmar Delta and Fulmar View: RPAs tailored to your needs

Fulmar Delta and Fulmar View They are platforms developed to measure and designed to meet the needs of our clients. Tactical RPAs for military and civil applications manufactured by Wake belonging to the CPS Group, a 100% Spanish technological company.

"High technology. Maximum Reliability. Different Applications”

Fulmar Delta and Fulmar View They have been designed to support both land and sea operations, combining high reliability and low logistics footprint. Furthermore, they can be integrated with data analytics tools, Big Data processing, Artificial Intelligence and satellite communications in motion, allowing, among other capabilities, the obtaining information from youreal me, which helps in the decision-making and predictive modeling phaseI vos.

  • Aimed at civil operations. RPA platform designed for civil use, allowing to offer customized surveillance, control, supervision and management solutions.
  • Versatility. Its design and characteristics make it a very versatile RPA allowing its use in critical infrastructures such as traffic, railways, offshore wind farms and adverse environmental environments.
  • Customizable The ability to equip it with different sensors allows us to provide support in various environments such as forestry, agriculture and maritime, among others.


  • Aimed at military missions. RPA platform for use in military environments, which offers customized surveillance, control, monitoring and management solutions
  • Multi-area. Developed for both land and sea operations.
  • Multi-functional. The ability to equip it with different sensors allows us to adapt to specific needs to support specialized missions in critical areas such as borders and convoy surveillance, among others.