The CPS Group welcomes the Regional Minister for the Environment, Housing and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid at its Tecnogetafe facilities

The headquarters of the CPS Group, located in the Tecnogetafe technology park, has an area of ​​11.500 m². The building is a benchmark for bioclimatic architecture in the Community of Madrid.

The objective of this meeting with the Counselor and the rest of the authorities has been none other than show development and innovation capacities within the framework of sustainability and caring for the environment of the different technology companies that make up the CPS Group (SISTEM, INSTER and WAKE) in the railway, traffic, security, telecommunications, Defense and smart infrastructure (SMART) sectors.

A visit to the CPS Group Headquarters was attended, together with the Minister for the Environment, Housing and Agriculture, Doña Paloma Martín, the Vice Councilor for Housing and Spatial Planning, Mr. José María García Gómez, the General Director of Land - Mr. Juan José de Gracia, the President of the CPS Group, D. Cándido Comino Chavarrías, the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Grupo CPS - Mrs. Virginia Comino Martínez among others.


Delivery of detail souvenir visit, Ms. Virginia Comino Martínez- Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Grupo CPS, Mr. Cándido Comino Chavarrías - President of the CPS Group, Ms. Paloma Marín Martín - Minister of Environment, Housing and Agriculture, D Borja Comino Martínez - Managing Director of WAKE and Commercial Director of Grupo CPS.

In the words of the counselor, Ms. Paloma Martín, “The CPS Group is one of the most powerful additions to Tecnogetafe, since it is a technology company that works in the Intelligent Transportation, Defense, Security and Telecommunications sectors. It is a modern company that is committed to a low environmental impact by introducing energy efficiency policies, planting native vegetation or installing photovoltaic panels ".

"Since our inception, we have been committed to innovation, since we believe that in it is the future. We have technological products, designed and manufactured in Madrid that compete worldwide. ”, Declares Ms. Virginia Comino, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development Grupo CPS.

Madrid technology group with great challenges for the future, committed to the Green New Deal (European Green Pact)

The technology companies of CPS Group (INSTER, SISTEM and WAKE), participate in various initiatives that will allow the acceleration of the digitalization plans of the infrastructures and operation in the railway, defense, ports and airports sectors, as well as serve as support in the communications necessary to allow, among other things, the digitization of services in rural areas, in line with the objectives of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Currently the CPS Group is firmly betting on the development of solutions SMART concept: through the design and development of its own open and interoperable Integrated Management Platform, it provides service to its clients in the sectors of its activity. They contribute iintegration of solutions based on knowledge of the social environment and its needs, Able to endure smart city developments, digitization of port processes, as well as participation, in cutting-edge projects, in the field of Ports 4.0, Energy and Industry 4.0.

Another of the great bets of the CPS Group, is the convergence of LEO-5G satellite communications, for this it is developing a low orbit satellite terminal (LEO) together with the Korean companies ASAT and ETRI, it will allow lead its deployment in cutting-edge fields such as connected and autonomous ground and air vehicles or the extension of broadband in areas without coverage, allowing the digitalization of services in rural areas. In this sense, the convergent LEO-5G solutions will play an important role due to their characteristics of capacity, mobility and ubiquity.

The UAVs platforms of the CPS Group are designed to be one of the more effective systems to support fire fighting and forest defense. In addition, it also acts in the Biodiversity Control by allowing to carry out sessions for the supervision of more than 5.000 km² abgarlic environmental impact, among other possible applications as in scope agriculture, infrastructure inspection, surveillance and, above all, in emergencies and rescue.

Innovation (R + D + i) and global solutions from a group of technology companies 100% Spanish capital

 The CPS Group thanks to its strong commitment to R + D + i as a business value, reinvests more than 10% of its turnover in innovation and development of new technological products.

In addition, among its most immediate plans are to increase its national and international expansion, in both traditional and non-traditional sectors, based on innovative solutions, and promoting Spanish R + D + i.