The CPS Group presents to the Minister of Industry its commitment to technology, innovation (R + D + i) and global solutions

  • The Acting Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ms. Reyes Maroto has visited the TECNOGETAFE Technology Park, the facilities of the CPS Group whose activity is carried out in the railway, traffic, security, telecommunications, defense and SMART projects sectors.
  •  The CPS group plans to close 2019 with a figure close to the 100 million euros.

Madrid, 25 June 2019. High level of innovation especially in the design and manufacture of a UAV 100% Spanish aircraft, satellite solutions for both Defense and the civilian world, or integration platforms based on Big Data or Artificial Intelligence technologies is what Acting Minister Doña Reyes Maroto was able to check on his visit to the new facilities of the CPS Group.

At the presentation of the new headquarters of the CPS Group located in the technological park TecnoGetafe have come, along with the acting Minister Reyes Maroto, the Mayor of Getafe Sara Hernandez, the president of the CPS Group, Cándido Comino Chavarrías, and the architect of the building, reference in bioclimatic architecture of the Community of Madrid, Julio Touza Rodríguez.

The objective of this meeting with the acting Minister has been to give visibility to the development and innovation capacities of the different companies that make up the CPS group, especially SISTEM, INSTER and WAKE, since the institutional support of the MINCOTUR supposes a great opportunity for recognition in the railway, traffic, security, telecommunications, defense and SMART projects sectors.

“I want to thank both the Acting Minister and the Mayor of Getafe for their visit to this park, to which a group of companies with a technological and innovation capacity that is worth learning about has moved. We have chosen this environment because we believe that this building is going to be a benchmark not only in the Community of Madrid but also in Spain”, declares Cándido Comino, president of the CPS Group”.

In the words of Reyes Maroto, Acting Minister "With this building CPS gives us an idea of ​​what it wants to transmit to the Spanish market, its three levers: innovation, sustainability and talent, which are also the three axes that this Government has been supporting. CPS has been able to identify opportunities, fight against climate change and break down technological barriers to improve people's lives. "

During his speech Reyes Maroto pointed out that "Putting into the public debate the 4.0 economy applied to industry so that technology is part of the life of companies and people is one of the tasks to be taken into account in institutions, while stressing that greater dialogue with companies and how they look to the future is what we must learn from the institutions. "

Innovation (R + D + i) and global solutions of a group of technological companies 100% Spanish capital

The CPS Group plans to close 2019 with a figure close to 100 million euros thanks to its strong commitment to R & D & i as a business value, reinvesting the 10% of its turnover in innovation and development of new technological products.

In reference to the activity of the CPS Group, the president has highlighted in his speech "That its technology is present in the most important traffic management centers, being one of the major integrating companies of our country in critical infrastructure systems. Recently we have provided WIFI by satellite to the 30 Talgos acquired by Renfe ".

The president has also highlighted that "Among the most immediate plans of the CPS group is the development of a powerful and scalable platform that allows the development of smart cities. Increase its national and international expansion based on innovative solutions and enhance Spanish R + D + i are other objectives of the group ".

Emblematic building in the Community of Madrid for its bioclimatic architecture, sustainability and accessibility

The new headquarters of the CPS Group occupies 11.500 m² of constructed area and was the work of the architect Julio Touza Rodríguez. Since its inauguration, this unique construction has added architectural value and new jobs to Leganés. "The building is a point of reference for bioclimatic architecture, sustainability and eco-efficiency, since it generates and consumes geothermal, photovoltaic and photothermal energy" according to Julio Touza. In addition, it is an example of accessibility in the Community of Madrid.

The project has allowed the CPS Business Group to relocate and integrate the main facilities of its companies in the same location, thus favoring the optimization of its processes and activities, and taking advantage of the opportunities of the new location, perfectly connected to the city.

Leading companies in technology and innovation

CPS is an 100% Spanish capital group formed by 7 companies located in Leganés Tecnológico and TecnoGetafe. Since its inception in 1962, it is committed to technology and innovation (R + D + i) and global solutions in the intelligent transport, defense, security and telecommunications markets. The group has more than 850 employees, being an eminently technical staff, more than 70% of its employees, with strong technological background and extensive experience while collaborating permanently with the main universities of the Community of Madrid for the recruitment of young talent and the generation of joint R + D + i projects.

CPS is present in the great challenges of modernization of communications and security in infrastructures, offering products and global solutions, innovative and quality since its inception more than three decades ago.