The CPS group participates in Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation

For the second consecutive year, the CPS group has participated in Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation held at the Palace of Congresses and Congresses of Malaga on February 12 and 13, which has brought together more than 4.500 participants from 1.800 entities , including the CPS group.

Participation in it with a corporate stand and outstanding presentations has served to establish B2B contacts between company and entities and technological providers of the highest level.

The revitalization of Spanish science and innovation has been one of the challenges posed in the Forum, for this purpose we have worked on formulas to transfer knowledge between companies, which allow us to establish strategic alliances and seek synergies with universities and technological collaborators.

For this, our solutions, products, services and innovation projects in which the group is immersed, as well as the technological demand and R&D of the companies have been made known.

To this we can add other challenges, such as knowing the technological needs of the Public Administration and exploring business opportunities based on innovative solutions.

 «New LEO Constellations The next Revolution in Global Communications?» to debate at the proposal of the CPS group

 This has been the theme that focused one of the Forum's discussions through the round table sponsored by the CPS group. In this way, experts and professionals from the aerospace sector presented the different ways in which these satellites and their constellations can revolutionize the global communications system, thus generating great challenges for the industry.

The table was moderated by Silvia Martínez, responsible for Software Architecture of the CPS Group, and was attended by a group of reference speakers composed of María Graña Varela, director of Technology of INSTER; Juan J. Redondo Montoro, aeronautical engineer and head of the Area of ​​Technical and Commercial Scientific Cooperation and deputy director general of Coordination and Plans of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), and Carlos Montesano Benito, head of the Research and Development Area of ​​Airbus.

State of the art of Spanish research: Digital transformation, energy and transport.

Alberto de Laorden, Director of Engineering and R&D of SISTEM, participated in the round table State of the art of Spanish research: Digital transformation, energy and transport. In it, he toured the transformation of the company and the group, describing the achievements, challenges and difficulties faced by the area of ​​innovation engineering in its more than 20 years of existence "The commitment to innovation has been key to the growth of the Group and the solutions we offer to our customers" Alberto de Laorden said.