The CPS Group, together with SISTEM, leads the consortium for the generation of innovative technologies for an efficient and sustainable energy community "Project: BrainEn"

In the "BrainEn" Project an application will be developed, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the analysis and prediction of the generation and demand of energy in the "Energy Communities".

 The project will consist of experimental research in innovative technologies to develop an efficient and sustainable energy community (BrainEn). It will be experimented in the same project with very innovative systems for the generation of electrical and thermal energy, and the generation of hydrogen; software will be developed for the connection and management of electric stations as well as new mechanisms for electrical connection free of polluting gases; New energy storage solutions and a battery of innovative energy measurement and control solutions will also be investigated with a strong commitment to energy efficiency in the industry. Together, a powerful and ambitious collaboration platform to share renewable energy resources in a sustainable and efficient way.

The project will have a duration of just over 3 years and has a CDTI grant for R + D + i of more than € 5M.

 For the materialization of the project, a consortium of participants has been created that is made up of 7 top-level companies and led by Sistem and has the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the University of Salamanca and the Technological Institute of Castilla y León.

 With this projects the CPS Group and with our company System As its leader, we are closer to making our proposal come true for hMake the management of our Renewable Energy sources more sustainable We are approaching this project with great enthusiasm and confidence in this consortium.



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