energy communities

We are committed to an innovative and sustainable energy model based on our technology

En SISTEM we offer technological solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. We are committed to an innovative zero marginal cost energy model by creating energy communities and improving energy efficiency, managed, connected and controlled digitally to move towards the Internet of energy.

En SISTEM  We have efficient technological solutions to address this challenge with state-of-the-art projects.

energy communities

Energy communities, non-profit legal entities that generate renewable energy and use it for their members, may be economically more advantageous than the energy consumption contribute to changing the energy model, reduce energy dependence and minimize the impact on the generation and distribution of energy in the the environment.

This model provides both power generation solutions and a real-time management and control model, fully integrated, intelligent and adaptable to the needs and activities of companies. Its purpose is to considerably reduce the consumption of traditional energies and a better use of services, media and work models; and performs preventive and predictive analyzes that allow anticipating possible complex situations that affect production, distribution and consumption.

The increase in energy efficiency, the efficient management of energy and the consumption of renewable energy produced practically in situ facilitate a reduction in the levels of CO2 emissions and pollution. Its integration with environmental data allows its impact and the reduction of the carbon footprint to be measured in real time.

This model provides the energy community with the possibility of improving and optimizing its results: energy according to the needs of each company, which will see its energy consumption levels reduced; and a management model that favors the distribution of energy in an optimized way in terms of costs and the environment.

Our platform Arthos Industry Sw

Arthos Industry  It is a powerful and effective software that acts as an energy manager and can achieve significant cost and time savings, in addition to a use that is appropriate to the consumption needs. The most powerful technological tools in this field are developed for the optimization of assets, as well as for the improvement of the management of the global concept.

Our platform Arthos Industry Sw  It allows the integration of data from different sources of energy generation, developing self-consumption solutions and obtaining powerful energy efficiency, providing an advanced industry model with more efficient automated processes.

The objective is to improve production and processes, energy purchase management, reduction and optimization of energy consumption, cost and time savings, anticipation of breakdowns or wear, improvement of the efficiency of production elements, management , control and development of information, as well as achieving more sustainable companies.