Performance management Safety and Health at Work (SST)

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) management performance 2022

At Grupo CPS there is a firm commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions to its employees, as well as eliminating dangers and reducing risks to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), as set out in the policies. SST of the companies that comprise it. 

In accordance with the SST regulatory framework (Law 31/95, Occupational Risk Prevention and RD 39/97, Regulation of Prevention Services), CPS Group has a Joint Prevention Service (SPM) as a preventive modality, the which is considered the Own Prevention Service (SPP) for each of the integrated CPS Group companies, and which assumes preventive specialties of a technical nature: 

  • Safety at work, 
  • Industrial hygiene and 
  • Ergonomics and applied psychosociology. 

The preventive specialty of a NON-technical nature (Health Surveillance) is agreed upon by each of the CPS Group companies with the External Prevention Service (SPA) CUALTIS, SLU 

Since 2009, some of our companies (SISTEMAS Y MONTAJES INDUSTRIALES, SA and SISTEM SECURITY CHECK, SAU) are certified in quality standards associated with Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001, and since 2021 in ISO 45001 “Management Systems of Safety and Health at Work”. 

Since May 2023, SISTEMAS Y MONTAJES INDUSTRIALES, SA (SISTEM), is also certified in the ISO 39001 “Road Safety Management System” standard. 

CPS Group has in its TWO (2) main headquarters/work centers (located in the Community of Madrid, in the Technology Parks of Getafe (TECNOGETAFE) and Leganés (LEGATEC) facilities that, in addition to complying with the necessary safety conditions for its workers, they are perfectly adapted to the needs of their activity, carrying out a continuous review/improvement process that results in an improvement in OSH management. 

In relation to the above, some projects and processes initiated and/or developed by Grupo CPS as part of its commitment to improving the working conditions of its staff, improving/optimizing OSH management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are: 

  1. SMILE Project (committed to improving the well-being of CPS Group staff, with various measures such as, for example, the implementation of a physiotherapy service at its main headquarters and other activities). 
  2. Implementation/Advance in the digitalization of Grupo CPS companies, with processes such as implementation of the SIGNATURIT tool for the digital/remote signing of documentation, which can have a significant positive impact, both internally (less travel and fuel consumption, reduced risk of road safety accidents, greater efficiency due to time savings...) and at the international level. external (reduction of fossil fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions by reducing company vehicle trips). 
  3. Implementation and development of NALANDA document manager service, for improvement and simplification. 
  4. Designation of the figure of Labor First Aid for the CPS Group work center (headquarters) in TECNOGETAFE, constituting an evident improvement in the attention/response to possible emergency situations of the CPS Group staff 
  5. Related to the previous point, in May 2023 Grupo CPS has developed for the fourth year (third consecutive) a new blood donation campaign based on the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Red Cross, with the main novelty that this year CPS has expanded/coordinated the invitation to the rest of the companies/entities located in TECNOGETAFE.  

Other aspects/data of interest related to the management of “OSH Performance” corresponding to 2022 carried out/coordinated by Grupo CPS:

  1. OSH communications made to personnel (SPM): The CPS Group SPM, in collaboration with other areas, has coordinated/carried out different information actions (art. 18 LPRL):
  2. SST training actions:  During the continuous training process in OSH matters and in compliance with art. 19 LPRL in accordance with the training plans of the CPS Group companies, in 2022 the following training actions were carried out (both internally taught by SPM staff and externally taught by other entities):
  3. Health examinations carried out on the personnel of the CPS Group companies: As a notable aspect in this section, based on the Health Surveillance (VS) agreements established by the CPS Group companies with the External Prevention Service CUALTIS, SLU with respect to its personnel whose work center is located at the main headquarters from TECNOGETAFE, Most medical examinations are performed in the First Aid Room of the workplace. that, in addition to complying with OSH regulations (RD 486/1997, minimum health and safety provisions in workplaces), which Since 2021, it has been properly adapted to carry out staff medical examinations and other wellness activities. for your workers:
  4. Regulatory audit of CPS Group's OSH management systems (SPM): In accordance with the applicable regulations (RD 39/1997 “Regulation of Prevention Services”), during 2022 Grupo CPS subjected the OSH Management Systems of its companies to a regulatory audit, with FAVORABLE result in all casesThe OSH regulatory audit was entrusted to the auditing entity AJP TECHNICAL AND LEGAL ADVICE IN PREVENTION, a national auditing entity with number CM 31/2013, by resolution of the Regional Institute of Safety and Health at Work of October 29.