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Ethics and Conduct Code

Code of Ethics and Conduct of the CPS Group

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of the CPS Group represents another step in our organization's commitment to the ethics and compliance that govern our corporate culture.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct has the full approval and endorsement of the Directorate. Its main objective is to provide employees with guidance on how to make legal and ethical decisions and show the organization's commitment to ethics and compliance.

The CPS Group is an organization built with the effort of people who share the same commitment: to provide the best products and services to our customers and society, through the work of a great team that is committed to innovation and excellence. Therefore, we want our business model to continue complying with ethical principles in relation to colleagues, customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.

The application of this Code will help to strengthen trust relationships with society as a whole. For this reason, I invite you to read and apply it with the aim of contributing to the fact that CPS Group companies continue to be benchmark companies in ethical behavior in our sectors.

You can download here the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the CPS Group

You can find out all the information regarding the ethical channel and how to proceed in case of a complaint or query in our CPS Group Ethical Channel Policy:

Ethical Channel Policy – ​​CPS Group