Stopper donation campaign

Stopper donation campaign

Campaign for the donation of plastic stoppers for the ALMAR foundation

The CPS Group has reached a commitment to collaborate with the ALMAR Foundation, a non-profit organization whose objective is to raise awareness, sensitize society and promote the investigation of Friedreich ataxia.

The campaign consists of the collection and donation of "solidarity" plugs to the foundation for its valorization, having great acceptance among the people that form the CPS group.

Since February 2018, more than 650 kilograms of plugs thanks to the collaboration of all CPS Group employees and companies located in TecnoGetafe.

About the Almar Foundation

The ALMAR Foundation is a non-profit organization created in February of 2011. Its purposes of general interest are health and social assistance and integration.

Since the month of February, 2013 has been part of the platform for the treatment of Friedreich Ataxia Stop Fa.

ALMAR Foundation aims to become the center of reference for Friedreich ataxia and other degenerative ataxias, where patients and families find information, guidance, training, socio-health care and the mechanisms, instruments and means necessary to combat this terrible disease, defending the rights of those affected.

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