Platinum Project

Platinum Project

Horizontal platform of smart data and deep learning for the Industry and application to the Manufacturing sector In recent years,

SIG Platform

SIG Platform

SIG Platform: Integrated Management System. The Integrated SIG Management platform developed by SISTEM, is an ecosystem of applications

Sintesis Project

Síntesis Project

Interactive Solutions for the Treatment and Visualization of Massive Data in Intelligent Control and Supervision Systems The project has as



Mobility optimized by Big-Data, integrated information and multi-modal algorithms. The MOBIAM project was born with the aim of generating a solution

Advanced video utilities

Advanced Video Utilities

Integration system of advanced surveillance utilities (synopsis of video and vision with a free point of view) With this project

Director of falling objects

Object Fall Detector

DCO Fiber: Optical Sensor Fall Detector of Objects in Track The main objective of the project is the design and

Corporate headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

New Corporate Headquarters at TecnoGetafe Technology Park SISTEM in August of 2015, moved to the new corporate headquarters